Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Every September we issue a learning agreement that sets expectations for the school, parents and pupils.

The school will:

Provide a balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of your child

Encourage your child to do their best at all times

Encourage your child to take care of their surroundings and others around them

Inform you of your child’s progress at open evenings and provide you with an annual written report

Inform you about what we aim to teach children in each term

Care for your child’s safety and happiness

Expect children to follow school rules

Listen to worries and act accordingly

Parents will:

Make sure that your child attends school regularly, on time and properly dressed and equipped

Attend open evenings to discuss your child’s progress

Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour and learning

Support your child with homework and other learning opportunities

Be prepared to discuss any problems or worries with the school at the earliest opportunity

Pupils will:

Keep the school rules

Be The Best You Can (BTBYC) at all times

Come to school each day equipped with their reading book, PE kit etc.